ROADMAP to COVID Safe, STEP-1 at Coogee

This week Sydney saw the Step 1 part of the Roadmap to COVID safe Australia implemented. People can have up to 5 people in their homes and small businesses such as cafes and restaurants can have up to ten people. We went to Coogee beach to gage some of the reactions to the loosening of the restrictions and whether people are really fearing a second wave of the coronavirus.

seagull at Coogee

With the federal governments plan to roll out its three steps over the coming months, people have mixed feelings of whether the easements are too soon.

This 2-minute video posted on YouTube highlights what the beaches were like before the easing of the lockdown with many ‘Closed’ signs and road signs warning people to ‘Exercise Only’. The filming was done over a week with the footage of before Step 1 looking very different to that of a week later. It’s in stark contrast to what we once used to know for a popular tourist destination. Fast forward to a week later when the signs are gone and cafes are opening their doors once more. Businesses are weary of returning customers and trying to stay vigilant in the face of the coronavirus. With the last of the Summer sun people are still coming to the beach despite the growing cold. The question is, whether the restrictions have been eased too soon.

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